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The Cold Comfort of the In-Between
A Little Less Than a Human Being
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Date: 2008/2/26 - *pets*
Everybody loves spam when it's 1) served with eggs and rice, or 2) served with a lovely side of hawt boyz.

From Super Junior's Kiss The Radio on Feb. 26, 2008
(...uh, that would be today)

I wonder if this will become a weekly thing ;D
Date: 2008/2/25 - It works!
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This is when you know you love Super Junior too much.

Anyway, I'm bored. And there's nothing to do in my house right now (omfg it's almost 11pm -_-;;...)

And if you haven't watched Unbelievable Outing EP. 6 with Super Junior... OMG. WATCH EEET. Donghae's expressions in it is just *love* and Eunhyuk falling on his ass multiple times during the show is *sadistic love* lol.
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